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Me at Stonehenge. 2018.

Hi there!

My name is Yolimari García, and I started this blog mainly because I am passionate about books and learning about humanity. I love reading and transporting myself to other worlds. It is like living a thousand different lives. I believe that reading is essential to understand our fellow human beings and develop empathy. 

The other reason for me to start this blog is that I want to dispel the myths that Hispanics/Latinos do not read and are uneducated. You see, I am a Puerto Rican/Cuban American of Puerto Rican, Cuban, Spanish, and Colombian descent. I read, and I am educated. I hold a master’s degree in European History, a bachelor’s degree in History of the Americas, and a certificate in Technical Writing. I do not say this to brag. I post it because it has to be said. I want to represent my people, fight stereotypes, and show that we can do the things that others say we cannot do.

Here you will find mostly book reviews and list of books. I read and review most genres of books, but my favorites are historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction. I read and review all types of books, but I focus on books that represent diverse cultures and characters. 

You can follow my Twitter account @BookwormsOwls and my Instagram account @bookwormsowls .

Other stuff I do:

Library Technician


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