Book Review: Yara's Tawari Tree by Yossi Lapid

Title: Yara’s Tawari Tree
Author: Yossi Lapid
Illustrator: Joanna Pasek
Year: 2019
Ages: 5 – 9

Yara is a kindhearted girl who lives in the Amazon rainforest with her hardworking mother. The land provides them with what they need. Unfortunately, deforestation in the name of progress is a threat to their jungle and lifestyle. One day, a parrot named Chant lets Yara know that a little tree is in danger. Yara saves the Tawara Tree and takes care of it, allowing it to grow strong and beautiful. When Yara succumbs to a dangerous illness, the Tawara Tree saves her life back.

Yara’s Tawara Tree, written by Yossi Lapid, is a children’s picture book that brings awareness to the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. It also teaches children that we are connected to nature, and our survival depends on how we take care of it. Written in rhymes, the environmental message of this story is a meaningful one for kids to learn from an early age. Jonna Pasek’s illustrations of the Amazon rainforest are stunning, and I loved how gorgeous and authentic she portrayed Yara.

Besides learning, children can have fun with this book too because it has its own coloring book. Kids can color Yara’s Tawari Tree: Coloring Book with the color palette of the rainforest and imagine Yara’s life.

Note that Yara’s Tawari Tree is the first book of the Yara’s Rainforest series, and it comes out on July 1st, 2019. Yara and Purr: The Rescue of a Purring Monkey is book number two and comes out in early fall of 2019. It exciting that this new book series shows children the significance of taking care of nature.

Rating: 5 stars

Where to Find it:  Amazon

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