Book Review: Mona Lisas and Little White Lies by John Herrick

Author: John Herrick
Publisher: Segue Blue  
Year: 2019

Unbeknownst to her, Lily Machara, a witty auto mechanic, becomes the muse of an upcoming artist named Ryder Flynn after an encounter they had at a hotel. Fast forward six years, Ryder has become a famous artist for his beautiful depictions of a mystery woman. Everyone wants to know who is the modern Mona Lisa in his paintings. Lily’s and Ryder’s paths collide again. While they give in to an electrifying romance, reporters are set on finding who is the real Lily Machara who has captured the handsome artist’s heart. Insecurities, little white lies, and public scrutiny could bring this celebrity couple down.

Written by John Herrick, the author of Beautiful Mess, Mona Lisas and Little White Lies is a romantic comedy novel consisting of 338 pages. It is an ideal pick to read during a lazy Sunday and spring or summer break. 

The forte of the story is the development of the romantic relationship between Lily and Ryder. Lily is a woman with insecurities and a sarcastic sense of humor. She is not aware of her beauty and feels like an outsider in a fancy environment. Meanwhile, Ryder is a kind and confident man who possesses the artistic ability to capture the essence of things. For their relationship to work, they need to deal with issues of image, self-esteem, and reality.

My favorite character was Ryder Flynn. His sensibility makes him is a rarity among men. Reading about his paintings and the meaning behind them was pleasant. I was not a fan of Lily’s character. Her constant insecurities were a bit annoying. After I read about the root cause of her self-esteem problems, I understood her better. However, I expected more confidence from a woman who works as a mechanic at an auto shop.

The downside of the story is that the reader is left wanting to know more about what happened between Lily and Aaron. Why their relationship did not work? What was his secret? Also, I thought that the climax of the novel was predictable and the ending was somewhat clich├ęd.

I would recommend this book to those readers who enjoy romantic comedy, romance, and chick-lit novels. Segue Blue will publish Mona Lisas and Little White Lies on March 19, 2019.

Thanks to NetGalley for sending me a copy of this book so I could write an honest review. All the opinions are my own.

Rating: 4 stars

Where to Find it: Pre-order at Amazon

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