Book Review: Beauty Reinvented by Nikol Johnson

Title: Beauty Reinvented
Author: Nikol Johnson
Publisher: Independently published
Year: 2018

Beauty Reinvented by Nikol Johnson is an invitation for women to become and celebrate their authentic selves. Nikol shares her journey transitioning from black hair to gray hair. As a former Ford Model, she was used to following the standards of beauty that society and the fashion industry impose on women. One day, Nikol decided to reinvent beauty by letting her natural gray hair grow. In this book, she gives valuable and motivating advice to women who are transitioning to gray hair or thinking about it. Strategies to go gray, dealing with negative comments, and developing a gray attitude are some of the themes covered in the book. Besides giving advice, she features the stories of several silver sisters like Rhiannon Gardier, Shelley Moore, Elisa in Montreal, and Vahni Levitt.

Without a doubt, Beauty Reinvented is a revolutionary book about beauty. I read it because I have been thinking about letting my natural hair grow for years. Nikol’s story and advice encouraged me to do it finally. I love how she is empowering women to be bold, fierce, and authentic. Definitely, I recommend this book to women transitioning to gray hair, women thinking about it, and women who like to empower women. It is not a book for women who enjoy putting other women down.

The only little issue that I had with the book is that I wanted it to have more information about the colors of make up and clothes that go along with gray hair. I hope that Nikol writes a book just about this. However, she has a YouTube channel called Nikol Johnson in which she gives beauty and skin advice. She also has a website, Fresh Beauty Studio

Favorite Quotes:

“You will go through many days where you question your decision to let your natural gorgeous gray go to shine brightly on the world, to represent you. It’s an incredible journey; a journey that many opt not to experience. Gray hair will teach you things about yourself that you never knew existed. Gray hair will help you conquer your fears and allow your personality to be bold and fierce.”

“Is pink hair rebellious? Maybe some view it like that, but I think going gray is the ultimate in being rebellious and I know that a lot of you feel the same way! You are making a statement loud and clear to the world that you don’t need to conform to dated thinking about age and beauty. You are making your mark on the world on your terms. You are embracing freedom from toxic dye and gaining a new perspective on your natural beauty.”

Rating: 4 stars.

Where to Find it: Amazon

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