Review: Me and Mr. Fluffernutter by Jennifer Gray Olson

Title: Me and Mr. Fluffernutter
Author: Jennifer Gray Olson
Illustrator: Jennifer Gray Olson
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers  
Year: 2017
Ages: 3 – 7

Written and illustrated by Jennifer Gray Olson, Me and Mr. Fluffernutter is the story of the friendship between a playful little girl and her cat, Mr. Fluffernutter. They do their favorite things together: catch butterflies, tea parties, and dress-up. The little girl, however, gets annoyed when Mr. Fluffernutter wants to do other things, like stare at the fish and play with yarn. Maybe they are not best friends after all? Is it better to play alone?

My thoughts on Me and Mr. Fluffernutter

I think that Jennifer Gray Olson delivered a sweet story about the importance of friendship. It teaches children how fun it is to play with a friend rather than alone. It also shows that friends might like to do things differently and that is fine. The illustrations are lovely, funny, and a bit whimsy. I recommend this book to parents and educators who are looking to teach their kids and students about friendship. 

Rating: 5 stars 


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