Book Review of TRUTH (Book Two: Between Lions Series)

Title: TRUTH (Book Two: Between Lions Series)
Author: Jodi Baker
Publisher: Between the Lions Press
Year: 2017
Ages: YA

TRUTH is the second instalment of the young adult urban fantasy and mythological Between Lions Series by Jodi Baker. In the first instalment, titled TRUST, Anna mysteriously wakes up between the statues of lions located at the steps of The New York Public Library. She finds out that she has missed a year, a voice in her head, new abilities, and that she is the Heir to the Museion. As a result, she has to trust the voice within her to survive. The teenage heroine's journey of survival continues in TRUTH. This time around she is not alone because she has the help and companionship of Cax, an expert thief with whom she makes a plan to save the Libraries beyond the magical stairs. During their quest, they continue to discover shocking truths about the voice in Anna's head, the Forbidden, and Yago's plans with the Libraries. 

TRUTH is a must-read urban fantasy and mythological young adult book. I really liked the first instalment, TRUST, but TRUTH is a page turner. I couldn’t stop reading because of its action, revelations, and mythological elements. The relationship between Anna and Cax had me glued to the pages due to its nature. I love the diversity of the characters in the series. I find them beautiful and incredibly interesting. I think Anna is a modern role model for teenage girls and women who want and need to read about strong female characters. Styx is another strong female character to watch out, and I found myself imagining actresses such as Viola Davis or Samira Wiley portraying her in a movie series. Cax is totally intriguing for several reasons, like his heritage and skills. 

History, literature, and mythological experts and buffs would greatly enjoy reading the Between the Lions Series. As a historian, it was a pleasure reading the first two instalments, and I think teenagers might have fun learning about these subject matters while reading TRUST and TRUTH

Lastly, the end of TRUTH left me wanting for more. I can't wait to read what happens next after the final fantastical and overwhelming revelations. Jodi Baker, please, keep them coming!

Rating: 5 stars 


  1. Jodi baker's 'BOOK OF TRUTH (BOOK TWO: BETWEEN LIONS SERIES)' is the most amazing launch of the year. And looking forward to reading this book


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