Museums to Visit with Kids in Western Washington (Part II)

This post is the continuation of Museums to Visit with Kids in Western Washington (Part I). I recommend museums located in Western Washington suitable for kids to learn while having fun. I have visited the museums with my family and I think these are perfect for your family to visit during a trip to Western Washington.

Children's Museum of Tacoma

Located in Tacoma and close to The Washington State History Museum, the Children's Museum of Tacoma is all about play. Although it is a small museum, it is great for stopping by after a major activity during a trip's day. For example, your family might enjoy The Washington State History Museum during the morning, have lunch, and the visit the Children's Museum of Tacoma during the afternoon for a couple of hours

The main theme of this little museum is learning through the power of play. It has a fort, a water streaming area with tools and toys, an art center, air ducts, building toys, and more. 

Lewis Army Museum 

Military families particularly enjoy the Lewis Army Museum, which is due to reopen in July 2017.  My family had the pleasure of visiting it before it closed down for renovations in 2016. The Early Pacific Northwest Gallery includes interesting information about how the Army played a main role in development of the Pacific Northwest, starting with the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery in 1804. The Lewis Gallery covers the history of Fort Lewis since its beginning. Our favorite exhibit was the Hall of Valor because it addresses the history of both our soldiers and those of the enemy since World War I. 

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As stated above, the Lewis Army Museum is popular with military families because they are proud of serving our country. They take their children and extended family members to learn about our military history and its impact in the Pacific Northwest. Our daughters enjoyed it with our guidance. I recommend military families to visit it when it opens again in July 2017. 

The Museum of Flight

Kids have a blast at the Museum of Flight located in Seattle, which is quite popular among tourists from all over the world. The Museum of Flight is all about airplanes, rockets, and unmanned aerial vehicles. It covers a lot of history, including that of the birth of aviation and the World War I and World War II fighters. Our daughters always enjoy the exhibits, especially the Kids Flight Zone, The Tower at Boeing Field, and the Spaceflight Academy. 

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