Review of TRUST (Book One: Between Lions Series)

Title: TRUST (Book One: Between Lions Series)
Author: Jodi Baker
Publisher: Between the Lions Press
Year: 2015
Ages: YA

Jodi Baker's debut novel TRUST (Book One: Between Lions Series) is the fantastic story of a teenage girl named Anna, whose mother has kept from interacting with the outside world. Despite living in the urban New York City, her mother has always reminded her to "be middle of the pack," which means being ordinary. Her mother, however, gave her a top-tier homeschool education with a focus on literature, history, languages, and even hieroglyphs. Suddenly, Anna's life changes. Her mother disappears without a trace. Anna wakes up between the lions of The New York City Public Library to discover she has missed a year of her life and a voice inside her head. Nothing makes sense. After searching for answers, she discovers she is the Heir of the Museion, an ancient library that protects the world's masterpieces. Ancient and mythological worlds collide with the modern world, and Anna has to find out for herself who to trust.

My Thoughts on TRUST (Between Lions)

Inspired in the Ancient Library of Alexandria and Hypatia of Alexandria, Baker created a fantastic world in the middle of urban New York City. Baker maintains a degree of suspense throughout the novel while Anna figures things out. The story keeps the reader imagining answers to Anna's constant questions, which represent to a certain point a typical teenager discovering his or her inner voice. Full of literary nods and historical and mythological details, TRUST (Book One: Between Lions Series) is a treat for geeks, librarians, and history and literature lovers.

What is more, Baker did a great job creating strong female characters and portraying beautiful diverse characters. Her writing technique is different and intriguing. Note that TRUST is the first installment in the Between Lions Series, which means some things are left unresolved. I can't wait to read what happens next. If the rest of this book series is as good or better than its first installment, it has the potential of being a great movie series.

Rating: 4 Stars

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