Review: Nothing is Predictable

Title: Nothing is Predictable
Author: Adalina Mae
Publisher: Adalina Mae
Year: 2016
IBSN: 978-0995409712

Nothing is Predictable by Adalina Mae is the story of Zara, who goes from a girl with a traumatic past to a successful woman. Zara was born in the United States to Lebanese immigrants. Her parents take her and her siblings to visit Lebanon, but the holiday becomes a long stay. She experiences a turbulent childhood because her father is an alcoholic abuser. Tragedy strikes her family and they go back to live in the United States. She embarks in a thriving musical career which fills her with joy and puts her in contact with many people. Things are going well for her, but she experiences a failed marriage at a young age.

At this point, Zara goes through a great transformation. Zara develops resiliency and keeps going with her life. She decides it is time to pursue her own happiness even though this means leaving behind things close to the heart. She changes careers and opens her own business. She travels a lot and meets great and important people along the way. She goes through a few serious relationships.

Despite all of her success, Zara's past keeps coming back to her at night. She starts to realize why her relationships do not go according to plan. She seeks refuge and answers in spirituality. She finds the answers along with a mystery that will keep the readers wanting for more.

My Thoughts on Nothing Is Predictable
I recommend Nothing Predictable by Adalina Mae for a number of reasons. The story is not a traditional one. Zara's identity finds its way through her Lebanese and American roots, giving the story a multicultural outlook much needed in books. Zara travels frequently, showing the readers glimpses of other countries. What is more important, abuse and resiliency are central themes of the story. Readers see a woman fighting back the demons of her past and becoming a strong and independent individual. Lastly, the end is a call for more.

Rating: 4 stars


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