Review: Learn the Alphabet with Northwest Coast Native Art

Title: Learn the Alphabet with Northwest Coast Native Art
Illustrators: Northwest Native and First Nations artists
Publisher: Garfinkel Publications
Year: 2010
Board book: 24 pages
Ages: 0 – 3
IBSN: 978-1554761647


Small children learn the alphabet with bold, wonderful, and vibrant illustrations from several Northwest Native and First Nations artists. Not only the illustrations are a breath of air, but the words accompanied them are nature-inspired. B is for beaver. E is for eagle. G is for grizzly bear. K is for kolus. R is for raven. T is for totem. U is for unity.


I was impressed with this alphabet board book because it is out of the norm. The illustrations revolve around the concept of nature, which is significant among Native Americans. The words are not the common ones, such as apple, elephant, and house.

In addition, the book was printed using soy-based and non-toxic coatings. Its paper is from sustainable forests. As stated in the back of the book, part of the proceeds from its sale support Aboriginal early childhood development. Moreover, the book is part of the Native Explore series.


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