Review: Why Do Leaves Change Color?

Title: Why Do Leaves Change Color?
Author: Betsy Maestro
Illustrator: Loretta Krupinski
Publisher: Harper Collins
Year: 1994
Paperback: 32 pages
Ages: 4 – 8
IBSN: 978-0062382016


Why Do leaves Change Color? is part of the award winning series Let's Read and Find Out, Science. It is a Level 2 book that explains to elementary children what happens to leaves during autumn. Leaves have different sizes, shapes, and colors. Chlorophyll gives the leaves their green coloring during spring and summer. Weather changes during fall and alters the process of photosynthesis. After changing color, the leaves are ready to fall from the trees. Trees rest during winter. Fall is a time to enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage and have fun with the fallen leaves. 


Krupinski's illustrations are timeless and beautiful like autumn. The text is definitely educational and a great resource to have at home to complement school's science at the elementary level. This book is also a good choice for homeschooling parents. Maestro even included two easy activities to do with leaves at home. 

*Note that this review is about the first edition published in 1994. The revised edition was published in 2015.


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