Review: Verduras/Vegetables

Title: Verduras/Vegetables
Author: Sara Anderson
Publisher: Sara Anderson Children's Books
Year: 2015
Board book: 32 pages
Ages: 0 – 3
IBSN: 978-0991193356


Sara Anderson's bright and colorful board book introduces babies and toddlers to vegetables. This book is different from the English only edition of 2008 because it is bilingual. Kids learn vegetables' names in both English and Spanish. The book offers a great selection of verduras (vegetables). El apio is celery. El frijol is a bean. El jitomate is a tomato. El nabo is a turnip. La cebolla is an onion. Las calabazas are pumpkins. Las zanahorias are carrots. La col is cabbage. 


This board book is a companion to Anderson's Frutas/Fruits. Kids' vocabulary about both fruits and vegetables would certainly grow by reading these two books together.


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