Review: The Haunted House

Title: The Haunted House
Author: Giovanni Caviezel
Illustrator: Giuliana Donati
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series, board book edition
Year: 2011
Board Book: 10 pages
Ages: 2 – 5
IBSN: 978-0764164743

A ghost family hosts a Halloween party in their haunted house. Everyone has been invited. All the family members and guests are in a festive mode. Mother Ghost makes a cake. Dad dances with his friend Jack. Their three children eat sweets and cookies. Mr. Hand plays the piano. The joyful family and friends watch the final show starring cats and bats. 

The design of this board book is original because the pages take the shape of the haunted house and its rooms. The illustrations show happy characters and are eye-catching. Parents can start teaching their preschoolers about rhymes with this funny story.


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