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Book Review: Malala: Activist for Girls' Education

Title: Malala: Activist for Girls’ Education Author: Raphaële Frier Illustrator: Aurélia Fronty Publisher: Charlesbridge Year: 2017 Ages: 6 – 9
Written by Raphaële Frier and illustrated by Aurélia Fronty, Malala: Activist for Girls’ Education is a children’s book about Malala’s extraordinary path to becoming a world-known activist for girls’ education. Malala was born in Pakistan, an Islamic country where women have fewer rights than men, and the Taliban make war to be in charge. Fortunately, Malala’s father, Ziauddin Yousafzai, is an advocate for girls’ education. He founded a school for girls in the city of Mingora. Malala grew up believing that all children have the right to an education. When the Taliban started targeting schools in Pakistan, Ziauddin allowed and encouraged Malala to speak up against the Taliban’s violence and extreme policies. Malala’s activism enraged the Taliban, and they tried to kill her on October 9, 2012. She survived and became a vital activist for girls’ educa…

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