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Book Review: Virginia Hamilton: America's Storyteller by Julie K. Rubini

Title: Virginia Hamilton: America’s Storyteller Author: Julie K. Rubini Publisher: Ohio University Press Year: 2017 Ages: 10 – 18
Written by Julie K. Rubini, Virginia Hamilton: America’s Storyteller is an inspiring, conscientiously researched, and clear-cut biography of America’s most awarded author of children’s literature. Virginia Hamilton grew up in her family’s farm in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Hearing fantastic stories about African American folklore, former slaves, and the Underground Railroad from different family members sparked her imagination as a child. She dreamt of becoming a writer. She attended Antioch College after The Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation granted her a scholarship. Later, she transferred to Ohio State University, where she completed a literature major. Looking for independence and an artistic scene, she moved to New York City, where she met the love of her life and future husband, the poet Arnold Adoff. After returning to her hometown and their two children were bo…

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